Variations on a Theme of Shostakovich
LOS ANGELES TIMES “---highly accessable---.” “Driving ostinatos and high energy attest to Mr. Biggs’ affinity for the music of Shostakovich.” “---the work emerges ebullient and optimistic.”
SANTA BARBARA NEWS PRESS “There is no doubt that Biggs captures the essence of the Russian composer.” “---there is a lightness, a vivacity, and at times a devil-may-care feeling. ---the orchestration is bright, spirited, and rhythmic---.”
MAURICE ABRAVANEL (conductor, Utah Symphony)“---a very friendly piece. ---so completely
organic. It certainly makes for enjoyable listening.”
CLASSICAL MUSIC WEB “---a deeply felt tribute to the Russian composer---”. “---lyricism, bitter-sweet irony and rhythmic energy, --American to the core. A quite substantial, earnest and honest piece of music that deserves to be better known.